Difficulty: Experienced

Second short race that uses only native (built-in) MSFS2020 thermals for gliding.

This time with proper start, finish gates and waypoints so you can actually complete it and have your track recorded as competition results in Albatross.

For this race I made weather just a tiny little bit more difficult – cloudbase is quite low, I  added some light wind (4kts) from SW and made weather less obvious – as in real life less developed clouds won’t provide lift – for the best lift try the most towering clouds – they won’t always be straight on the nav line.

I suggest you  empty water ballast and do a winch start with AS 33 ME – for easier start it will shoot you directly into the first thermal, so you can start circling right after rope release.

Start gate height is from 2130feet (650m) to only 4428feet (1349m).

All other points including finish have minimal height 984feet (300m) to only 4428feet (1349m) so watch out your final glide!

Such low maximum height is intentional to mimic not-so perfect weather and compenstate amazing AS 33 ME glide performance,

but just in case – don’t worry this region is outlanding paradise (trust me, I know what I am talking about 😉 )!

Happy thermal-gliding!


Trivia: EPPR is the home of my glide club – Aeroklub Gdański, where I learned to fly and made some cross country flights – although it is not the easiest place – as nearby international airport EPGD surrounds it with its airspaces – we commonly have a „roof“ of 900m and „walls“ from 3 sides so we can only fly to the south where steadly the „roof“ is getting higher, also nearby Gdańsk Bay often provides breeze that can quickly kill thermals.

So now you know why I made this task a little more difficult 🙂

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